Navy Alex Vanopslagh Baseball Cap

399,00 DKK

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At City Caps, we are a non-political fashion brand and have room for everyone who shares our core values; inclusion, support & togetherness, + freedom of expression.

The unofficial Alex Vanopslagh x Liberal Alliance Limited Edition 6-panel baseball cap – created for many Liberal Alliance voters and supported by Werner Valeur – embodies our mission with a fresh take on our striking attire.

It features a unique recycled suede fabric exterior made almost entirely of recycled polyester with a classic snapback closure and a Danish Flag combination. In contrast, the recycled suede fabric fiber creates a high-quality luxury touch that ensures enhanced uniqueness and a middleweight feeling.

This cap is an instantly recognizable item that delivers luxury fit and finishes and will help you complete your Alex Vanopslagh x Liberal Alliance supporter look. It's your freedom!

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Main fabric: 80% Recycled Polyester - 15% Conventional Polypropylene - 5% Conventional Polyester