Minimal footprint

We are continuously working towards a more responsible future, from ensuring proper working conditions at our partner factories to developing our collections with more recyclable, organic, and regenerated materials.

Our circular journey

Make impact

We have taken a giant leap by changing our processes and increasing our use of more recyclable fibers, more environmentally friendly printing methods, and more efficient waste management through our value chain.

Naturally cultivated cotton

Organic cotton

Our organic cotton is grown without chemicals, pesticides, and defoliants. Using genetically modified organisms in organic cotton means it is healthier for farmers, is common sense, and is better for us and the environment.

Less energy than virgin polyester

Recycled polyester

Our recycled polyester is from recycled materials such as PET plastic bottles. To produce 1 kilo of recycled polyester, we recycle 40 plastic bottles. It reduces CO2 emissions by 75 percent, saves 86 percent of water, and uses 70 percent.

Reused cotton fibers

Recycled cotton

Our recycled cotton is from yarn scraps from spinning mills, and the yarns come from discarded garments. We limit water, chemicals, and energy use by producing ours from partially recycled cotton, an eco-friendly fabric alternative.

Made from wood pulp

TENCEL™ Lyocell

TENCEL™ Lyocell fibers from wood pulp from certified forests. The material is in a closed cycle, where the water and solvent are repeated. When processed, the material has a breathable and cooling effect, innovative types of lyocell.

Made from wood pulp


The viscose from LENZING™ ECOVORO™ fibers is certified with the EU eco-label. Compared to conventional viscose, it lowers CO2 emissions and water consumption by 50 percent—well-recognized viscose fiber.

circular, and responsibly made

Cradle to Cradle™ and FSC certified

All wood interiors, paper, and packaging are either FSC certified or made from recycled sources. When we print POS and sales materials, it is with Cradle to Cradle™ certified printing inks free of harmful chemicals and heavy metals.