City Caps design and produce sustainable, high-quality headwear with heart and soul. We have our own collection of ethically manufactured fashion headwear made from low-impact materials available in the shop. In addition, we create custom caps in collaboration with companies, organizations, associations, municipalities, teams, brands, or individuals worldwide.

A defining moment for City Caps

We’re a Danish, family-owned business founded by Jeyan Jey in 2015. His defining moment is a traumatic one, which would change his life forever and ultimately shape his vision for City Caps.


The vision

The moment you became a father. The moment you graduated. The moment you saw your true love for the first time. The moment you scored the biggest goal of your career.

One single moment has the power to change everything. To redefine, redesign and rebuild lives and beliefs. And we’re here to celebrate and elevate them. To make them last a lifetime with high quality fashion statements that flag and promote growth, change and achievement.

A cap for every moment in life

Our caps serve a higher purpose. A purpose defined by the vital moments between people, cities, states, and countries. Our designs are inspired by and customized to flag the events, changes and achievements that shape and define our future. Because we are founded and driven by social impact, and because it makes our caps look awesome.

Sustainable production

We are continuously working towards a more responsible production, and our Cradle to CradleTM and FSC certified products are made with low-impact materials.


Ethical production

Social impact is in our core, and our Code of Conduct ensures honest and ethical practices.