The spirit of City Caps

The founder himself

Jeyan Jey is the spirit of City Caps himself and was born in 1986 in the Tamil coastal town of Point Pedro, Sri Lanka. He was one month old when his parents fled Sri Lanka due to the political unrest that culminated in a full-scale civil war.

Identity crisis

Becoming "Danish."

As Jeyan tried to learn more about himself and his background, the Tamils developed the caste system. He witnessed discrimination from Tamils because he became too "Danish" and forgot his cultural origins.

Poor self-care

Growing up too fast

Jeyan acted as an interpreter for his parents and had to take them to the doctor, the municipal office, etc. He was a stranger in Tamil society because he tried to integrate and was a stranger among the Danes.

Childhood trauma

The difficult chapter

Jeyan's father practiced strict discipline and social control, and he had to endure physical and psychological violence. It all culminated one late night in 1999 when his father pulled a knife while drunk and stabbed his mother in front of him.

The escape route

The social heritage

Empathy and support from the new foster family, friends, and the school got Jeyan through the difficult years. He found positive, rewarding support through the local community that skillfully helped him break the social legacy.

An authentic vision

City Caps

He wants to contribute positively to world society and make a real difference to other young people in similar situations. His caps will help promote a positive culture for children and young people and a trend for everyone worldwide.

Never judge a book by its cover

A new chapter

He is a proud Dane and family man with high ambitions and big plans for himself, his local community, and his homeland. We can break down social and cultural prejudices worldwide with inclusion, support, and togetherness.

Community-driven purpose

More than a brand

Jeyan Jey changed his life and created a new era for himself. If he can, you can do it, and we can do it together. He would like to pass on that experience. Where respect, tolerance, and peaceful coexistence are in focus.