The Danish distributor of cloud services Cloud Factory will reach new markets together with Formula 1 driver Kevin Magnussen

Cloud Factory partners with Kevin Magnussen

These are two fast players who have announced a new collaboration in connection with the Spanish Formula 1 Grand Prix in Barcelona. Cloud Factory is a fast-growing Danish distributor of cloud services, hosting, and infrastructure, and Kevin Magnussen is fighting for points in the world's fastest motorsport series. The purpose of the partnership is to spread knowledge of the progressive Jutland IT company across the globe.

the founder of cloud factory jacob v. schaumann schmidt with the danish formula 1 driver kevin magnussen from hass f1 team

The founder of Cloud Factory

Jacob Schaumann Schmidt

"We are thrilled and proud to be able to announce a partnership with Kevin Magnussen. We can't find a better platform in our quest to reach new markets in an industry that is hard-nosed and performance-oriented. Our mission is to get IT dealers primarily in Europe to focus on us, and Kevin Magnussen must be our leverage. We have a match in our aggressive progress, where neither ours nor Kevin's team is afraid to take on the big established players."

The Danish Formula 1 driver

Kevin Magnussen

"They have managed this by thinking big and bringing together talented people who can work together and create results as a team. These are precisely the same conditions as I have worked in during my entire career, so in that way, we have a perfect match. I am looking forward to being part of a journey where we can spread knowledge of Cloud Factory into the wider world.", says Kevin Magnussen.

the founder of cloud factory jacob v. schaumann schmidt with the danish formula 1 driver kevin magnussen

just as there are

Ambitions to become part of digital motorsport.

"We are a growing company, and this is mainly due to our sharp and passionate employees. We primarily recruit young, energetic aspirants who want to enter and perform in the industry. They need to feel that they are part of an extraordinary workplace with high ambitions and get involved with the best. That is one of the things that we achieve by teaming up with Kevin Magnussen. In the longer term, we have an idea to strengthen the connection between Cloud Factory and motorsport by founding and running a professional esports team.", explains Jacob Schaumann Schmidt.