The first thing you will start to experience with us, regardless of the size of your headwear project - is good energy. First and foremost, we ensure that you feel comfortable with our friendly & welcoming West Jutland energy because we want to start every cap project with a good impression and that you feel comfortable.


If you visualize your dream cap, we make sure it becomes a reality. We promise and guarantee you that your dream cap will be as you have drawn it in your mind. Regardless of whether it is for your start-up, organization, association, company, municipality, or other communities you cultivate. So don't worry; you're in safe hands.


First draft. So far, so good - here you will see our first detailed draft. We will show you our version of your dream hat, specially designed from scratch. We offer precisely the type of cap and shape you have chosen, detailed in all the desired colors and materials that meet your needs based on your dream cap.


Should a minor or significant detail need to be corrected, we will ensure that it is adapted to the cap of your dreams because the most important thing for us is that you are more than satisfied with your design. Because we aim to offer the best possible quality and service, we wish to achieve and maintain a long-term collaboration with you.

Thank you

As soon as we have approved your final design, we provide full production service, handling, and quality check of your entire production/collection at one of our headwear factories. It is also in our spirit to help you create a sound activation and execution plan for your dream cap project.

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