The areas affected

Code of Conduct

Human and labor rights, Environment, and Anti-corruption. To promote close cooperation, open dialogue, and robust preventive risk culture, we regularly carry out evaluations in collaboration with partners and independent auditors.

Animal welfare is a responsibility

Animal welfare

When we use animal materials in production, it is based on high ethical standards. Animal welfare is very important to us, and we are constantly looking for the latest methods to improve animal welfare in production.

Safety in the use of chemicals


City Caps acts by the European REACH legislation, which regulates registrations, assessments, approvals, and restrictions of chemicals. We ensure that we comply with the limits by continuous sampling and chemical testing our collections.

Taking care of our future

Child labor

Child labor is not allowed in any part of our value chain. All children have the right to be protected from environments that disrupt or harm their development, education, and mental/physical health – at City Caps, we recognize this.

When we conduct business


It is with a high sense of morality and ethics, and this is an entrenched part of our corporate values ​​and fundamental understanding. Neither people, nature, nor animals are negatively affected during the production of our goods.