You will fail

All of us want to succeed. From childhood, we’re rewarded for getting things right. We learn to take tests, pass exams and do well in school. We want to go through life always succeeding.

But failing is an inevitable part of life because things won’t always go well. But it’s through failure that we learn the most. And the more you fail the more you learn.

If you’re not failing then you’re not pushing yourself, doing anything new, or getting out of your comfort zone. So, get out there and start failing. In fact, many successful people will say fail often and fail fast.

If fear of failure is holding you back from making progress or going for what you want, it might be time to address the issue.

According to Psychology Today, some examples of how you can learn to deal with this fear of failure include, redefining what failure means to you, expecting good outcomes but not being too attached to them, and making a distinction between real and imagined threats.

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